Poetry and Prose

Poetry and Prose- Nothing But A Stranger

You wove Forever’s together In dreamy webs Of gauzy seduction My God How I fell For your lies You fed me Poisoned truths And I feasted Upon your deception I memorized The plains Of your face Reading your skin Like brail Cataloguing details Into a library I built for you Deep within My soul And… Continue reading Poetry and Prose- Nothing But A Stranger

Faith · Thoughts

Perfect Love and Unconditional Forgiveness

Merciful Father help me with the work of forgiveness. Grant me grace, mercy and peace that I might in turn share these qualities with others. Remind me continually of the sacrifice for forgiveness your Son completed at Calvary, lest I ever become prideful in denying forgiveness to those who have wounded me. Fill my heart with… Continue reading Perfect Love and Unconditional Forgiveness