Snap Happy

Snap Happy- Northern Ireland

I spent a lovely two weeks in Northern Ireland during the summer of 2014. It’s a time I will always cherish. I hope you all enjoy these pictures:)


The Rock Bar in Belfast 

Belfast Bar- 1.jpgBelfast Bar- 2.jpg


Belfast Cemetery

Belfast Cemetary- 1.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 2.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 3.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 4.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 5.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 6.jpgBelfast Cemetary- 7.jpg


Falls Road Public Library 

Belfast Public Library.jpg


Carrickfergus Castle

Carrickfergus Castle- 1.jpgCarrickfergus Castle- 2.jpgCastle Ruins.jpg


Countryside Pictures

Countryside- 1.jpgCountryside- 2.jpgCountryside- 3.jpgCountryside- 4.jpgCountryside- 5.jpgCountryside- 6.jpgCountryside- 7.jpgCountryside- 8.jpg


Giants Causeway

Giants Causeway- 1.jpgGiants Causeway- 4.jpgGiants Causeway- 5.jpgGiants Causeway- 6.jpgGiants Causeway- 7.jpgGiants Causeway- 9.jpgGiants Causeway- 10.jpgGiants Causeway- 11.jpgGiants Causeway- 12.jpg


Protestant and Catholic Murals Throughout Belfast

Murals- 1.jpgMurals- 2.jpgMurals- 3.jpgMurals- 4.jpgMurals- 5.jpgMurals- 6.jpgMurals- 7.jpg


The Hedges 

The Hedges.jpg


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